DIY Pool Toys: Creative Ideas for Homemade Water Fun

Looking to add a personal touch to your poolside experience? Dive into the world of DIY pool toys! Crafting your own pool toys not only adds a unique flair to your aquatic adventures but also provides an opportunity for creativity and fun.

1. DIY Pool Noodle Floats

Grab some pool noodles and get crafty! Cut the noodles into smaller sections and use waterproof material or netting to create floats or rafts. With a little imagination, you can craft floating chairs, loungers, or even a DIY pool noodle pontoon.

2. Sponge Water Bombs

Say goodbye to traditional water balloons and hello to reusable sponge water bombs! Cut colorful sponges into strips and tie them together in the middle with a rubber band or string. These absorbent sponges make for fun, splash-filled water fights without the mess of balloon debris.

3. Floating Tic-Tac-Toe Board

Create a waterproof tic-tac-toe board using a shower curtain or a piece of tarp and some waterproof markers. Cut out Xs and Os from sponges or craft foam. This DIY game brings a classic pastime into the pool for endless rounds of strategic fun.

4. DIY Dive Rings

Fashion your own dive rings using flexible plastic tubing or shower curtain rings. Simply bend the tubing into circles or create loops using the curtain rings, and then decorate them with colorful tape or paint. These homemade dive rings provide hours of underwater retrieval games.

5. Floating Obstacle Course

Construct a floating obstacle course using pool noodles, PVC pipes, and inflatable elements. Use your creativity to design hurdles, balance beams, and rings that float on the water. Combine these elements for an exciting DIY aquatic challenge.

6. Homemade Water Blasters

Transform ordinary plastic bottles into water blasters! Poke holes in the cap of the bottle and secure a foam or sponge piece at the opening. Dip the sponge in water, screw on the cap, and get ready for a DIY water-shooting frenzy.

7. DIY Bubble Machine

Create a floating bubble machine using a waterproof container, a small fan, and bubble solution. Attach the fan to the container lid and place it in the pool. When turned on, it creates a bubbly spectacle, adding an extra dimension of fun to your pool time.


With a bit of imagination and some household materials, DIY pool toys can elevate your pool experience. These homemade creations not only add a personalized touch but also spark creativity and ensure endless hours of water-filled enjoyment.

So, gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and make a splash with these DIY pool toys during your next aquatic escapade!