DIY Pool Float Decoration Ideas to Amp Up Your Pool Party

Hosting a pool party and want to make a splash? Adding personalized decorations to your pool floats can transform the ambiance and add a unique touch to your gathering. Here are some simple yet creative DIY decoration ideas:

1. Floral Garland Accents

Wrap colorful artificial flower garlands around the edges or handles of your pool floats. They instantly add a tropical, festive vibe and are perfect for themed parties or summer celebrations.

2. Customized Paint Designs

Unleash your artistic side by painting fun patterns or designs on your pool floats. Use waterproof acrylic paint to create polka dots, stripes, or even artistic illustrations for a one-of-a-kind float.

3. Tassel Embellishments

Attach vibrant tassels along the sides or bottom of the floats using waterproof adhesive. Tassels add a playful and whimsical touch, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

4. Glitter and Sequin Accents

Bring on the sparkle! Use waterproof glue to adhere glitter or sequins to your pool floats. Create dazzling designs or cover certain sections to make your floats shimmer in the sunlight.

5. Floating Lanterns or Fairy Lights

For evening parties, attach small battery-powered lanterns or fairy lights to your floats. These additions not only provide an enchanting ambiance but also ensure visibility in the dark.

6. Stencil Art

Use stencils and waterproof markers or paint to create intricate designs or messages on your floats. Personalize them with names, quotes, or themed imagery to match your party’s aesthetic.

7. Fabric Drapes or Wraps

Adorn your floats with colorful fabric drapes or wraps. Secure them in place with waterproof clips or ties, adding a touch of elegance and flair to your pool decorations.

8. Inflatable Fruits and Accessories

Add inflatable fruits, palm trees, or other themed accessories to your floats. They create a playful and thematic setting, perfect for a tropical or beach-themed pool party.

9. Personalized Decals or Stickers

Apply waterproof decals or stickers to your floats, featuring monograms, funny quotes, or themed images. They’re an easy way to personalize and accessorize your floats.

10. Balloon Bouquets

Tie vibrant balloons to your floats to create colorful and festive displays. Opt for helium balloons for added elevation and a whimsical effect.


These DIY decoration ideas offer a fun and creative way to elevate your pool party and make your pool floats stand out. Let your imagination run wild and customize your floats to match the theme or vibe of your celebration. With these simple additions, your pool area will transform into a vibrant and inviting space for an unforgettable pool party experience.